Our Story

Make it unique, more.

What decoration of space design do you choose? We have the best answer. KUSUDAMA is the newest items that make up you creative yourself. It consists of the triangle and the pentagon parts.

It makes you to feel like a sphere form of geometric patterns. This is one of the beautiful emotion of KUSUDAMA. If decorated this KUSUDAMA, then new look is born in your space. And you will be added the spice of further creativity.

Hana-Kusudama is made from 150 pieces of special papers, it carefully and politely. Size : 12cm diameter ball, 70cm string

History of Hana Kusudama Origami

Jealous to the paper

It’s unprecedented. HANA KUSUDAMA, ornamental neo-traditional ball; basic lineup of Gadgetique Japon. Our goal with KUSUDAMA was to choose the top of the best quality material of papers , color, and size of the petals. We enchant particular details to all our products made from papers. And each of KUSUDAMA made from 150 pieces of special papers, it carefully and politely. One time you picked it up for the first time, you may feel slight surprise in a feeling of strong presence weight.

Made by Japan

Originally “KUSUDAMA (Japanese character display: 薬玉) ” meant a bag made of the brocade which are filled with fragrance and medicinal herbs. Long history before, traditional KUSUDAMA were figure of artificial flowers and they were dripped with five colors of strings threads. The people of the Heian Period (A.D. 794 – A.D. 1185) in Japan who did to avoid a plague by having KUSUDAMA. It’s so similarly, the other hands western countries, they had balls its scent were clothed spices in citrus fruits called “Pomander”.

Next value

In the Middle Ages in Europe, people had it for saving themselves from epidemic of plague. It’s talisman. Today, in the 21st century, we are not in the times of the superstition. But we believe praying is an important thing. Because we still have a mind to be calm, it’s not differ from the people of old. We, Gadgetique Japon, out 17 colors lineup of HANA KUSUDAMA. Display it and decorate your favorite color.

*Our Electra parts are officially authorized design by David Mitchell.