Who We Are

Who We Are

We are the brand of spatial design & interior using method by "Origami".

Glamorous, somewhat lonely, emotional delicacy and clearly simple. We express such Japanese sense by our methods. It goes without saying that we actively using highest quality Japanese traditinal paper, called Washi, as a material for our products.

We Believe traditional has been accepting to change with stimulate affected in every era. That's especially why it can continue to be as "traditional". So does "origami culture". We are neo-traditional brand, Gadgetique Japon.

Yoshinobu Mizutani

Founder, chief brand officer

Chief executive officer
Spatial Designer

Yoshinobu Mizutani had been following a quirky career as a "spacial designer". The starting point for his career began with a music DJ producer to satisfy many crowd coming to the club. He released a lots of own composed music tracks in Italy, Netherlands, and New York City. After when his track was awarded at the largest music festival MIDEM held in Cannes France, he changed the "way of design" instead of music to create interior architecht design. Of course, he likes music itself, but that is one of the "method" to be satisfied the people's bliss. His deep common mind is in spatial design essentially in every method. Graduate at NUA, Nagoya University of Arts.

Ina Momina

Founder, chief creative officer

Origami folder
Food blogger
kitchen science labo

After living in Spain, she took returning to Japan, INA MOMINA launched her company with hundreds of employees. In a long managerial life she have woke up to the talent of cooking design. She directed activity Japanese cuisine skillfully and made her own Japanese food brand "DAIDOKORO". Also her fingertips are dexterous and she loves creating everything. Time did not take to addicted to fold origami for her. Now, she is the best origami folder as chief creative officer of GADGETIQUE JAPON.


We would like to look forward to talk your inquiry of interior ornament.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about spatial design or decorating. Get in touch with us!